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Vision LUXO magnifiers are designed to provide the best possible ergonomics, clarity and stability with no knobs to tighten, and come with a 5 year warranty. 

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  • Wave LED

    A professional bench magnifier that provides maximum clarity, flexibility and stability for any manufacturing, quality assurance, manipulation, or general examination task.

  • SX45 stereo microscope

    Robust, high quality Greenough microscopes lets you see the subject with exceptional clarity and the detail you need.

  • Camβ handheld magnifier

    Inspect anything, anywhere. A secure hand-held digital magnifier, capable of 4x to 20x magnification. Ideal for use in the lab, around the factory or in the field.

  • VE Cam digital microscope

    Compact full HD digital microscope system for quick and accurate inspection right where you need it.

Discover Vision Engineering

Respected by scientists, engineers and technicians across the globe, Vision Engineering Ltd is a true British success story. From our foundation in 1958, we have grown to become the world’s leading ergonomic microscopy company, designing and manufacturing high quality microscopes, digital instruments, and inspection and non-contact measuring systems.

Today, over 90% of our products are exported around the world. Our success comes from a culture of innovation, quality and ergonomic design.